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LENUSA are your support teams. We provide project consulting, training & software solution to help your Mining Company achieving the goals

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LENUSA provide full scope of mining geotechnical & hydrogeological consulting service. From exploration stage, production to mine closure

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Need help improving your team's skills in mining geotechnical & hydrogeology? We are here to help!

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LENUSA provide a robust software solution from SEEQUENT. From exploration to production, we are ready to assist your needs!

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TUNNELING AND ROCK SLOPE ENGINEERING (For Civil and Mining Applications)

This is one of the most comprehensive short courses on tunnelling and rock slope engineering currently available.After having successfully delivered the course in Australia, Singapore, Egypt, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand & Bangladesh, we are bringing it to Indonesia in response to several requests from eager learners. Topics listed here are meant to cover as wide a scope as possible within the available time, but every attempt will be made to include any additional topics if specifically requested.
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Training Catalog

Discover Your Traing Needs

From the whole journey, we were finally able to formulate the training materials that are most in demand and needed by each mining company. Through this catalog we offer your company an experience in adding knowledge for your team to be applied in work at their respective mine sites.


Fundamentals of Leapfrog Geo

Leapfrog Geo, advanced software that will be used in making subsurface geological models.This software also has various features needed in geotechnical analysis and reserve calculations.Participants


Geostudio Implementation in Earth Dam

Earth dam it’s a challenging project and require a robust program to effectively analyze and determine the safety factor of the design.This training is designed


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