Highly specialised air flow software made doubly powerful when integrated with TEMP/W and CTRAN/W.

Gain vital insights into the risks posed by pore-air flow systems in various projects. Design robust waste cover systems based on complex scenarios considering air, water, heat, and/or gas transfer. Apply rigorous gravity-driven or density-driven formulas to gain project insights

Analyse the space in between

Harness the power of finite element software to model air transfer in mine waste and other porous media. Plan for the effect of moisture dynamics on gas migration by integrating other GeoStudio products.

Evaluate risks in flow models

Test the validity of designs for waste cover systems and embankments, considering a range of condition variables, such as seasonal effects on the soil thermal regime in cold regions.

Simulate extreme conditions

Evaluate the effect of changing conditions on pore-air flow. Integrate with TEMP/W or TEMP3D to understand how changing soil temperatures impact density of air flow. Use with SEEP/W to investigate complex hydraulic behaviour of unsaturated pore-space.