Model radioactive decay, biodegradation, oxidation, and more

Design effective ground remediation systems to ensure successful contaminant control and elimination. Model important geo-environmental problems such as saltwater intrusion into coastal aquifers. Evaluate solute and gas transport systems to ensure safer geotechnical, civil, hydrogeological, and mining engineering projects.

Reduce risk and simulate success

Simulate the mechanisms that make gas and solute flow unpredictable, including equilibrium sorption and first-order reactions such as decay, oxidation, biodegradation. Compute the effects of various scenarios and conditions to plan for the unexpected.

Solve small and large challenges

Analyse problems from simple transport due to water movement, to complex processes involving diffusion, dispersion, adsorption, radioactive decay, and density dependencies. Use in conjunction with SEEP/W and SEEP3D to track possible contaminant migration.

Protect groundwater systems

Evaluate possible hazards to the health of groundwater systems during geotechnical, civil, hydrogeological, and mining engineering projects. Design liner systems that minimise the movement of solutes from municipal or industrial waste storage facilities to underlying systems.