Used worldwide to analyse and design for the most difficult seepage problems

Unlock deep insights into complex groundwater problems for civil, mining infrastructure, and waste cover design projects. Plan complex geo-engineering projects with confidence, like dams, wells, tunnels, bridges, and mines. nEnsure safety and compliance by incorporating critical data into planning and design.

Overcome complexity and risk in design

Understand the flow dynamics of complex hydrogeological systems to mitigate risk for your geo-engineering and earth science projects. Examine static and dynamic influences on groundwater conditions and anticipate future risks to storage and systems.

Optimise engineering and construction solutions

Design the safest and most cost-effective solutions for high-risk engineering projects such as mine dewatering systems, civil infrastructure construction, tailings dams and more. Use built-in hydraulic functions to easily estimate volumetric water content and conductivity with limited input.

Analyse extreme conditions and scenarios

Analyse extreme conditions such as flood events, rapid drawdown, and the effect of severe climate events on groundwater conditions and design performance. Integrate data from other applications to factor in extreme weather and analyse density dependency for frozen ground and water movement.