Easy to use, powerful, fully coupled modelling with one of the most extensive material models libraries available

Gain critical insights into the physical mechanisms governing complex sites to prepare for excavation, material placement, or reinforcement. Create efficient construction schedules and robust excavation plans based on reliable insights.
Maximise safety in the planning process through simulation, modelling, and analysis.

Move mountains with confidence

Take a deep look at the sites you need to alter or construct, considering factors like materials, conditions, stresses, loads, and pressures. Construct more safely with the full picture, and plan how to excavate in sequence, when to reinforce, what unexpected factors could impact progress, and how to adapt.

Test failures before they occur

Simulate different scenarios using various factors like groundwater flow to compute the safest and most efficient approach to your project. Create reliable construction models of earth and rock fill embankments, tailings dams, railway and roadway cuts, subsurface drainage systems, and much more.

Plan for known stressors

Capture the impact of known variables on your project and mitigate risk of slides or softening when shifting earth during construction. Integrate other analyses to cover changes in conditions groundwater flow, water pressure, seismic activity, and the impact of engineering activity.