Used worldwide to analyse and mitigate the effect of climate change on infrastructure

Design safer and more sustainable tunnels, pipelines, containment systems, and stabilisation solutions for mining, civil, and environmental projects. Transition from 1D to 2D to 3D design environments to examine sites, simulate options, and plan well-informed solutions. Explore cyclic weather effects on engineering projects, such as freeze-thaw cycles and the changes created in hydraulic behaviour.

Calculate climate change impact

Climate change affects built infrastructure, especially at extremes. Investigate how a range of heat transfer mechanisms like conduction, forced-convection, and phase change, can impact structures. Model ahead of the changes and design systems and options to ensure structural stability now and long-term.

Solve big soil thermal problems

Study the effects of changing climate conditions on engineered structures, as well as the impacts engineered structures have on ground conditions over time. Examples include the effect of structures on permafrost, ground stabilisation using active and passive systems, freeze-thaw actions under roads, insulation options, groundwater control, and more

Complete the picture with integrations

When you combine TEMP/W with SEEP/W and AIR/W, unlock powerful capabilities for modelling heat transfer patterns generated by changing groundwater flow and air flow. Understanding these interactions enables better decisions for projects impacted by fluctuating temperatures and cyclic climate conditions.