Geostudio Implementation in Earth Dam


Geostudio Implementation in Earth Dam


Earth dam it’s a challenging project and require a robust program to effectively analyze and determine the safety factor of the design.
This training is designed for participants with a basic level and a geoscientist background working in the dam industry.
Using various software of Geostudio, we will learn how to evaluate the safety of the dam’s design and predict it’s seepage, both in steady-state & transient analysis.
The topics include on how to use seismic load to simulate earthquake dynamic analysis on the design.


  • Make participants able to operate &
  • master the basic features of Geostudio.
  • Make participants understand the limitations & implementation of Geostudio on earth dam project.
  • Make participants master the process of evaluate static stability of the Dam’s design
  • Make participants master the process of evaluate dynamic stability of the Dam’s design.

Course Outline

This training will be carried out by combining theory & concept presentations along with Handon the use of software in analyzing each case ,study submitted.

  • Fundamentals of Earth Dam
  • Earth Dam Stability Analysis Using LEM
  • Earth Dam Stability Analysis Using Finite Element Stress Based
  • Erath Dam Stability Analysis Using Shear Reduction Stability
  • Probability Analysis
  • Design Evaluation Against Infiltration & Seepage
  • Drainage Modeling
  • Rapid Drawdown
  • Dyanmic Analysis
  • Newmark Deformation


  • Training Material
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Software Trial


  • Dam Engineer
  • Engineering Geologist
  • Geologist
  • Civil Geotechnic

Course Fee

est IDR 4500000/pax
  • Minimum 4 pax
  • Price not include tax
  • Training room, maccommodation & transportation are provided by client