Geotechnical Hazard Risk in Open Pit Mining


Geotechnical Hazard Risk in Open Pit Mining


There are significant challenges facing open pit mining operations in Indonesia. The application of geotechnical engineering in mining operations is still not fully maximized, including in terms of supervision. This can lead to an increased risk of geotechnical hazard that can harm many parties, ranging from loss of company operations to resulting in loss of life.

Therefore, LENUSA comes with an offer of a training designed to provide a basic understanding of geotechnical hazards in open pit mining. This training is tailor-made to be given to the mining operations team as a whole, from mine engineering, mine operations, mine management to field staff. Please see below description for detail information.


  • Building awareness of geotechnical hazards for all participants.
  • Provide an understanding of the concepts and risks that can occur if you ignore geotechnical hazard management.
  • Make all participants able to identify warning signs in mining area.
  • Train participants to master the reporting flow of geotechnical risks that occur in mining area.
  • Provides a big picture of the way of remediation or stabilization of soil movement.
  • Provide understanding regarding the use of the existing Ground Control Management Plan and TARP.

Course Outline

The course/training can be held as an Online event or On-site event. For online, the training will be conduct in 4 days, for each 2-3 hours a day. For On-site training, the session will be conduct as an two full day workshop with estimate duration 6 – 8 hours. Topics included:
Geotechnical hazard risk on Open Pit Mining

  • Failure Mechanism
  • Study case of geotechnical hazard
  • Slope remediation/stabilization
  • Geotechnical hazard identification & warning sign
  • Geotechnical risk assessment
  • Ground Control management Plan (GCMP)
  • Trigger-action Response Plan (TARP


  • Training Material
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Door-prize


  • Mine Field Staff
  • Mine Operation
  • Mine Plan/Engineer
  • Mine Supervision
  • Mine Superintendents
  • Mine Management
  • Mine Geotechnical
  • Mine Geologist
  • Mine Safety Officer
  • Mine Environmental Engineer 0

Course Fee

est IDR 3000000/pax
  • Minimum 5 pax
  • Price not include tax
  • Training room, accommodation & transportation are provided by client