Geotechnical Risk Analysis Using Leapfrog Works/Geo


Geotechnical Risk Analysis Using Leapfrog Works/Geo


This training is a completed package for geotechnical implementation on open pit mining using Geostudio & Leapfrog Geo.
Participant will learn on how to identify geotechnical hazard risk in mining, including vary case study that relate to their mining site.
Then, we will carry on to geotechnical modeling using leapfrog to get the best insight of geotechnical data.
The module will close by implement geostudio analysis on mining study case, vary from static LEM, Dynamic FoS, probability analysis to Shear strength reduction analysis. A complete Kepmen 1827 K’s based geotechnical analysis.


  • Make participants able to operate & master the basic features of Leapfrog Geo & Geostudio
  • Make participants understand the limitations & implementation of 3D Modeling Software.
  • Participants are able to create multi-scenarios in geostudio and can integrate the analysis results between SLOPE/W, SEEP/W & SIGMA/W programs.
  • Make participants master the basics of using rock mass classification, such as RQD, RMR & GSI.
  • Participants are able to perform numerical modeling of rock mass data using Leapfrog Geo.

Course Outline

Through this module, participants will unlock the key to a more effective & efficient use of Geostudio. Participants will learn another method to support geotechnical analysis, namely the Finite Element method.

  • Mining Slope Stability Analysis
  • Implicit Geological Modeling
  • Advanced Mining Slope Stability Analysis
  • Geotechnical Numerical Modeling
  • Geotechnical Risk Analysis
  • Mining Geotechnical Study Case


  • Training Material
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Software Trial


  • Mine Operation
  • Mine Plan/Engineer
  • Mine Supervision
  • Mine Geotechnical
  • Mine Geologist

Course Fee

est IDR 75000000/pax
  • Minimum 3 pax
  • Price not include tax
  • Training room, accommodation & transportation are provided by client