Fundamentals of Leapfrog Geo


Fundamentals of Leapfrog Geo


Leapfrog Geo, advanced software that will be used in making subsurface geological models.
This software also has various features needed in geotechnical analysis and reserve calculations.
Participants will be invited to enter the 3D world through Leapfrog Geo. Participants will start doing modeling with several choices of
Coal, Gold, Nickel Laterite or Iron Ore study examples. All things will be learned from the basics, from drill data processing, lithology data processing to modeling.


  • Participants are able to understand the principles of geological modeling in several selected examples, such as Coal, Gold, Nickel Laterite, Iron Ore and others.
  • Participants are able to import the necessary databases, such as drill data, survey data, topographic data and lithological data.
  • Participants are able to perform Qa/Qc on the database using the features in Leapfrog Geo.
  • Participants are able to perform geological modeling, using both surface data and subsurface data.
  • Participants are able to make geological cross-sections and extract geological information.

Course Outline

The module are designed to help participant easily master the fundamental of geological modeling using Leapfrog Geo. The study case will vary from ore mining to nickel laterite.

  • Fundamentals of Geological Modeling
  • Introduction to Leapfrog Geo
  • Geological Modeling From Surface Data
  • Geological Modeling From Subsurface Data
  • Cross-section
  • Leapfrog Geo Integration
  • Geological Numerical Model


  • Training Material
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Software Trial


  • Geologist
  • Geophysics
  • Mine Geologist
  • Mine Geotechnic

Course Fee

est IDR 30000000/pax
  • Minimum 5 pax
  • Price not include tax
  • Training room, accommodation & transportation are provided by client